The Missing Link for Your Health is What’s on Your Plate

Does this sound familiar? You’ve made some changes to improve your health: you’ve incorporated some regular activity into your daily routine, you’re getting regular chiropractic adjustments, maybe you’ve quit smoking or drinking. You’re feeling better than before, but you’re not where you’d like to be. You feel good but not great.

There may be something you’re missing.  Just as you wouldn’t put dirty fuel into your gas tank and expect your car to run smoothly, you can’t expect that a body fueled with poor quality food will perform well.

“Unlike drugs – which only target specific functions, can have dangerous side effects, and may only treat the symptoms of disease – a healthy diet can benefit all organ symptoms at once, has good side effects, and may treat the underlying cause of illness.”  ~ Michael Greger, M.D.

We are made of what we eat. The food and drink we consume become the building blocks for the 37.3 trillion cells in our body. As with computers, so with our body: “garbage in – garbage out”. Vitamin and mineral supplements can help to correct a deficiency, but there is no substitute for whole foods.

The Missing Link to Your Health is What's On Your Plate - You're feeling better, but not great. What's your next step? |

Many of us may know what we should do to clean up our eating, but what stumps most people is the how. How can I eat healthy when I’m so busy? When I don’t know how or don’t like to cook? When I have digestive issues? How do I keep motivated and focused when I’m surrounded by temptation? When I’ve fallen back on my old habits?

The first step in changing a behaviour is awareness. Start by observing your food choices without judgement. Simply be conscious of what you are eating and drinking, and why you are making those choices. Sustainable eating habits are formed slowly and carefully.

The next step: Know Yourself

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