Veg Food Festivals 2017

Ah, the veg festival: what better way to re-energize your veggie zeal than surrounding yourself with people who share your interests and values? It’s such a wonderful feeling to look around at all the vendors knowing that you can choose to eat anywhere and that your dollars support compassionate choices.

Here is a list of festivities within a 1-hour drive of Hamilton:

Veg Food Festivals 2017: A list of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Raw Food Festivals near Hamilton, Ontario.Saturday, May 6, 10am-6pm – Veggie Fest Hamilton

Sunday, Jun 4, 11am-6pm – Niagara VegFest

Saturday, June 17, 11am-pm – Vegfest Guelph Shop-Up Market

Saturday, Aug 19, 11am-7pm – Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Fest

Friday-Sunday, Sep 8-10 – Toronto Veg Food Fest

If I’ve missed an event, please let me know in the comments!

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