Plant-Based Made Easy Online Program

For many years I have been teaching people how to support their health as they transition into plant-based eating. I have given countless talks and webinars, hosted cooking classes, and worked one-on-one with individuals and families to support and guide so that they may thrive in their new vegan lifestyle.

Over this time I have accumulated a wealth of information and resources that I want to be able to share with as many people as possible. I want you to have access to the foundational knowledge and tools that will enable you to succeed and I want you to be able to access it at your own pace, in your own time.

You will not only gain knowledge, you will learn how to put it into practice, be supported as you overcome obstacles, and be part of a community.

I want to get this going as quickly as possible, so I am doing a soft launch of this online membership to a limited number of students for an discounted price. Once it is full, I will start a waiting list for the next session, when the price will increase.

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What you will get:

  • Online Platform – accessible from free mobile app or desktop browser
  • Learning Modules – containing all the information I believe is essential to living a healthy plant-based lifestyle
  • Video trainings
  • Printables
  • Monthly Live Q&A Calls – get your burning questions answered
  • Actionable Tasks – to keep you focused and progressing
  • Private Online Chat – for accountability, support, and community
  • Meal Plans with Shopping Lists
  • Recipes and Meal Templates – simple, easy to make, versatile dishes that I use in my own home
  • Food, Mood, and Lifestyle Diary – optional tool to help track your progress
  • Lots of Resources – links to books, videos, recipes, and more if you want to delve deeper and learn more

Every module will have specific content, handouts, resources, tasks

Learning Modules:

  1. Start Here
    – an intro to the program, how the platform works, where to find everything, initial info, etc.
  2. Firm Foundation
    – where you get clear on your motivation, support system, health benefits of plant-based eating
  3. Know My Body
    – optimizing digestion, dealing with specific health considerations
  4. Plant-Based Nutrition
    – nutritional requirements, macro- and micro-nutrients, supplements, how to get what you need to thrive
  5. The Plant-Based Kitchen
    – vegan substitutions, how to veganize a recipe, superstar ingredients, important equipment (necessary and nice-to-have)
  6. Shopping
    – where to find ingredients, label reading, budget-friendly meals
  7. Meal Planning
    – how to successfully plan your meals
  8. Meal Prep
    – batch cooking, dry mixes, tips and tricks
  9. Food Choices
    – when to buy organic, seasonal, local, food delivery options
  10. Eating Away from Home
    – eating on the road, finding restaurants, family gatherings, potlucks

Bonuses! As soon as you register you receive:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Kitchen Cleanout
  • Plant-Based Pantry Essentials

By following this program you will…

Stop being overwhelmed by so much nutrition and health information that you freeze up and don’t take any action
Start getting clear about what steps to take to ensure success

Stop feeling like you need to be a nutritionist to eat healthy
Start knowing intuitively what types of foods to eat to fuel your body

Stop wondering what to eat every day
Start getting excited about grocery shopping and cooking

Stop feeling gassy and bloated when you eat certain foods (hello beans?)
Start supporting your unique digestive process

Stop overspending on packaged, processed, or takeout vegan convenience foods
Start making quick and delicious meals and snacks that taste so much better than what you’d buy in the store and save money doing it!

Stop being bothered by friends and family who think being vegan is unhealthy
Start feeling confident that your are eating in a way that best supports your body and spirit

Stop feeling alone, like you are the only one you know who is making a compassionate choice about the way you eat
Start being supported by a group of like-minded people who will share in your struggles and your successes

Stop worrying it’s too hard and complicated to lead a plant-based lifestyle
Start effortlessly thriving

Stay connected to be supported in your challenges and share your successes

How it Works

Once registered, you will gain access to the online platform and receive your bonuses.

When the program begins on Monday, May 4th, you can access to the first module.

You will be notified as new modules are added regularly.

Every month you can submit questions and take part in the live Q&A call (which will be archived in case you miss it).

This is the beta launch of this program and when it is next released, the cost will go up.

In exchange for your discounted cost, I will be asking for your feedback as we go, so that I can refine and tweak this program for the next launch. I want your help!

What does it cost?

Let’s recap what you will get:

  • Learning Modules including Video Trainings, Printables, Actionable Tasks, Private FB Group and Online Chat $3840 value
  • Monthly 30-minute Q&A calls $480 value
  • Meal Plans, Templates, Recipes, and Shopping Lists $640 value
  • Purchased separately, the total value would be at least $4960!

Membership in the Plant-Based Made Easy online program is only $960/year, paid monthly in $80 installments.

But… I know that to get the most out of this program, you really have to commit to process. If your heart is only half it in, you won’t get the full results.

So when you pay for the whole year at registration, I will give you 50% off ($480/year)! (Use coupon code PBME-50) This would work out to just $40/month. 

Still have questions?

Read through these FAQs. Still wondering about something? No problem, simply contact me by email with what you’d like to know.

Registration has closed for this session.

Join the waiting list to be notified when the next session is announced!