Here are answers to some questions you may have about the Plant-Based Made Easy (PBME) online program. This is a living document and I will update with more questions as they come.

How is this program delivered?

The program is delivered online in the form of video and text learning modules. There will also be forms and tasks to complete for each module. You can access the program via a desktop browser or by using the free mobile app. Also see “How it works“.

When does it start?

You will have access to the first modules on Monday, May 4th. Further modules will be released regularly and you will receive notification as they are available.

What is the time committment?

The learning modules can be completed as they are released OR at your own pace. You choose how quickly you want to progress. It is important that you not try to rush through. Lasting change takes time. The community is here to support you and to learn from along the way. Your membership is for 1 year, because though you may be able to finish the learning modules more quickly, you will continue to benefit from the online community and the Q&A sessions.

What should I expect to achieve?

As with any course or program, this is entirely up to you and it depends on where you are starting. By progressing through the learning modules, accomplishing the tasks, and interacting with the community, you can expect to experience any or all of what is outlined under “By following this program you will…“.

What if I need more support?

If you have health or other concerns that are specific to you, we can schedule a online nutrition consultation session to discuss further.